Gov. Cooper Visits Catawba County for Break the Majority Event

Gov. Cooper Visits Catawba County for Break the Majority Event

FullSizeRender_(2).jpgConover, NC: A full room of inspired supporters greeted Gov. Roy Cooper this past Friday evening during a visit to Catawba County as he spoke to his Break the Majority initiative.

Members and supporters of the Catawba County Democrats joined Gov. Cooper at Rock Barn Country Club to discuss the initiative and encouragement of reinforcement at the local levels. 

Cooper is traveling across the state as his schedule permits to raise awareness and funds in an effort to quell the Republican super-majority in the House and Senate, which was largely won when legislative districts were redrawn in 2010. Many of these districts have since been ruled unconstitutional by the Supreme Court and are currently being reviewed by a special three-judge panel in North Carolina.

Hickory resident John Pope was greatly instrumental in facilitating the resoundingly successful event for the county. The North Carolina Democratic Party reached out to Pope to assist them in raising funds to help sustain the governor’s veto power by helping place more Democrats in the state legislature.

“I felt that it was important since the state elected him as our leader. And right now the legislature has attempted to strip him of every power they can,” explained Pope. “We need to give him an opportunity to govern first. I felt this was important to sustain him in that opportunity, and to be able do so with his full authority.”

Gov. Cooper stressed that the 2018 election will be a key component in breaking the Republican hold, when the vote of every concerned citizen will be of utmost importance, especially for a mid-term election when voter turnout is historically underwhelming.

More than just a political rally, Gov. Cooper spoke to the core values of his term of office.

“As governor, this is my mission statement for North Carolina. I want a North Carolina where people are better educated, where they’re healthier, where they have more money in their pockets, and they have the opportunities to live a more abundant and purposeful life. That’s what I want.”


John Pope introduces Gov. Cooper.