NAACP “Forward Toegether” event this Wednesday across Western NC

NAACP “Forward Toegether” event this Wednesday across Western NC

Hello Folks,

By this time, I am sure that you have heard of and perhaps participated in Moral Mondays led by the NAACP. And a couple of weeks ago in Asheville, we had a particularly successful Mountain Moral Monday. Recently, I was invited to attend a meeting where the people present are working to develop a permanent organization in keeping with the “Forward Together” movement…and in the meantime are actively supporting the NAACP rallies in the three congressional districts in WNC.

Their next set of outreach events will coincide with the 50th anniversary of Dr. King’s March on Washington. So, next Wednesday August 28, there will be gatherings in each congressional district in North Carolina. Here in the western districts, we will have three opportunities to participate: Sylva, Boone, and Lincolnton. I have attached documents with links to printable flyers and Facebook pages for all 13 events to this email and you can find more information about the events at or on Facebook at “Taking the Dream Home to ___” and insert the name of the gathering site in the blank.

Sylva: 5:30 pm Bridge Park 76 Railroad Ave. and Valerie Summers is a good contact According to Valerie, this event will be well attended but they still need some volunteers for set up and voter registration activities and they would love some participation from members of the Eastern Band of Cherokee Indians.

Boone: 5:00 pm Harvest House 247 Boone Heights Dr. and Marje McKinney is a good contact This event will likely be well-attended and has an outside chance to involve Rachel Maddow.

Lincolnton (this is closest to Catawba County ~Mike): 5:30 pm Lincolnton Court House 1 Court Square and Valerie Hoh is a good contact The Lincolnton NAACP chapter is small and they will require significant support to make their event a success. They would love some help around 4:00 pm for set up.

In Asheville, they have chartered buses to the Sylva and Lincolnton gatherings but no bus is planned for the Boone gathering at this time. You can find more information about bus transportation at

So, folks, I know that many of you are already participating with the logistics or plan to attend, but here is my request for action: Please reach out to your friends (and please focus on your non-partisan channels) to encourage people to attend these events across North Carolina and especially in Lincolnton, Boone, and Sylva. Also, please contact Valerie Summers, Marje McKinney, and Valerie Hoh to assist them in their efforts.

Many thanks,
Aixa Wilson