You're Invited to the 2017 Century Club Dinner

You're Invited to the 2017 Century Club Dinner



You can purchase your tickets to 2017 Century Club by visiting the "Donate" page and making a donation. After you have completed your payment, please send an email to Eli Glynn at You may also send checks made payable to the Catawba County Democratic Party to 1610 Tate Blvd SE, Hickory, NC 28602. Please write "Century Club" in the memo line.
The Century Club Committee is thrilled to announce that our caterer for our August 27 event will be one of North Carolina’s top chefs, Cassie Parsons of the Harvest Moon Grille. The Harvest Moon name is well-known and beloved to foodies in the Charlotte area. Fans have followed Cassie and the Grille from its start as a food truck, to its location in the Dunhill Hotel in downtown Charlotte, and now to its new location in downtown Lincolnton. Cassie, along with her partner, Natalie Veres, are the co-owners of Grateful Growers Farm; they have been pioneers and leaders in the local, sustainable food movement in NC. Among Cassie’s many honors are 2012 Restauranteur of the Year in Charlotte Magazine; 2012 Global Green’s Citizen Entrepreneur of the Year; and 2013 winner in the Food Category for Sustain Charlotte. Cassie has spoken on food and sustainability for TEDeX. In 2013, she was selected by the US State Department as a culinary ambassador to Slovenia. Recently, she debated Senator Jeff Jackson on the topic of "Transparency" as it pertains to laws and sausage making. 
According to the Harvest Moon Grille’s website, its mission “is to offer fresh, wholesome, and clean foods sourced almost exclusively from small farms within 100 miles of our location.
We rely on the “forgotten culinary arts” of cooking, baking and butchery. Our food is made by hand, and uses seasonal ingredients. At a time when more focus than ever is on our health (or lack of it), food should be getting our attention. Restaurant and grocery offerings in the typical American city not only do little to enrich our health, they often do little to enrich our communities. We aim to enrich both through an innovative approach to sourcing, preparing, and distributing food. Through our focus on spending money with local producers who use sustainable stewardship methods, we support the local economy. Spending money with local growers, rather than far-away megafarms and food processing factories, boosts the ability of the community to be economically more self-sufficient, keeps green space productive, and can help preserve the art of growing food. Through our model, jobs are created where people live, rather than encouraging a culture of commuting.
We are so proud that in our mission of using like-minded souls as vendors for our event, we have been able to partner with Chef Cassie. We promise you will have an unforgettable food experience!

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