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Madeline “Maddie” Parra Files to Run for 10th District Congressional Seat

At the May 22 District 10 convention, delegates got to meet Madeline (Maddie) Parra, who filed to run for Congress in the 10th District. A number of Catawba Democrats had already met Maddie; she joined us at the May 7 Liberal Drinkers meetup on the Square in Hickory.

Here’s a brief introduction, especially for those of you in the 10th District. To start with, she’s from here -- born and raised in Clemmons. Her Tar Heel ties are strong. What’s even stronger is her resume. The Republican Deputy Whip, the current 10th District representative, talks a big game about finance, business, and his support of entrepreneurs, but it’s just that: Talk. McHenry’s resume before he was elected nine terms ago – at age 29 – was thin. His official bio lists just two things before he was elected in 2004: One term in the NC state legislature and a special assistant spot in George W. Bush’s Department of Labor.

In stark contrast, this young woman (Note: she’s five years older than her opponent was when he was first elected) has an impressive resume. After attending Davidson College on a swimming scholarship and majoring in math, Maddie worked for Teach for America and taught in inner-city Baltimore.

Next stop, London, England. She used her math, data, and analytical skills to lead global teams in the pharmaceutical and travel industries. But, wait, there’s more, Deputy Whip: Maddie has founded TWO companies. She creates jobs – good jobs – and opportunities. And, she’s a hardworking Democrat. When she returned to North Carolina, one of her first stops was signing up to help elect Democrats. She’s a precinct chair and, in 2020, she developed and led the Mecklenburg County texting program.

Most important, she has the “fire in the belly” to take her talent, tech savvy, data skills, and passion for ALL people to make a difference in Washington – and to do the hard work to get there.

Want to learn more? Check her out at:

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