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May Message from the Chair

Democrats Care!

During our April 27 meeting when I glanced at the Zoom Chat I kept seeing comments like, “Democrats care!” Yes, we do. We care about equity, inclusion, access to health care, strong public education, addressing climate change, and more. And, as we heard from President Joe Biden on April 28, he and his team care – about ALL of us. The President put forward an ambitious, and necessary, agenda to improve the lives of Americans, and, yes, he mentioned jobs quite a few times.

I especially like how he opened his speech with “Madam Vice President and Madam Speaker.” Words never spoken by a U.S. president. Yes, our Democratic leadership in Washington is far more inclusive, far less exclusive.

I’m also pleased with the diversity of our county’s party new officer team and was pleased to introduce the team at the April 27 meeting. First Vice Chair Gavin Gabriel said he is looking forward to what we can do in Catawba County to “stay in the fight” as well as to “get in the fight.” Second Vice Chair Deborah Hollingsworth says she’s ready to focus on advancing education and training for our party. Third Vice Chair Sarah Sakatos with her strong communication and technical skills is “thrilled” and “looking forward to the next two years.” Treasurer Gene Biggerstaff spoke about bringing his 30 years of nonprofit treasurer experience to his new role and Secretary Toni Abernathy, already making an impact, is hoping “to bring positive change to this area.”

I second these emotions and sentiments and am excited with our prospects to build a stronger presence and party in Catawba County. The articles in this month’s newsletter highlight our progress. Be assured, everything we do is to support our goal of electing more Democrats – in Catawba County, in North Carolina, and across the nation.

Why? Because Democrats care. Our policies and platform are about improving our, and our planet’s, quality of life. Bear with me as I quote President Kennedy’s oft-used phrase again, “A rising tide lifts all boats.” That’s what your county party is working to do. You can read all about our rising tide in this month’s newsletter. Go Blue!

Lynn Dorfman, chair Catawba County Democratic Party

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