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ISSUES - Where we stand

The choice is clear - Vote Democratic

What does it mean to be a Democrat?

  • We're FOR the middle class and a strong, stable economy

  • We support healthcare for ALL

  • We're FOR social security

  • We strongly support public schools

  • We protect voting rights for all

  • We support equal pay for women and women's reproductive rights

  • We​'re FOR middle class tax cuts 

Where does the GOP prove they stand by their policy votes?

  • Greed over people, special interests before NC citizens

  • Against healthcare for all, especially for those with preexisting conditions

  • Privatizing social security

  • Defunding public schools

  • Restrict voting rights to large sectors of the public

  • Against equal pay for women and validity of women's reproductive rights

  • Tax cuts for the rich: higher taxes for the rest of us, as proven time and again

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