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April Message from the Chair

T.S. Eliot wrote, “April is the cruellest month.”

I doubt the literary lion was a Democratic Party activist, but that phrase keeps coming to mind as your party leaders plan our (Second) Annual (Zoom) County Convention. Last year, you may recall, we met virtually on April 25. In 2020, we had a load of help from the NC Democratic Party transitioning to an online convention. This year, we’re largely on our own and it’s a challenge to meet NCDP requirements while conducting a meeting that is engaging, interesting, and efficient. Per NCDP guidelines, an odd-numbered-year convention is when we do important business, including:

  • Electing CCDP officers – Chair; 1st, 2nd, and 3rd vice chairs; secretary; and treasurer.

  • Electing SEC members – two males and two females (Note: the chair is automatically a member for a total of five Catawba County members).

  • Electing district representatives – one to the 5th District Executive Committee and one to the 10th District Executive Committee.

  • Identifying district delegates – eighty-one to District 10 and thirteen to District 5 to attend their respective District Conventions on May 22, 2021.

At our March precinct meetings, each precinct elected delegates to the County Convention for a total of 158. All Catawba County Democrats are welcome to attend, but per NCDP rules only delegates are authorized to vote. See the attached newsletter for more information on the business to be conducted at the April 10, 1 pm, County Convention. I opened this message with the opening line from “The Waste Land,” an indication of my Zoom fatigue as well as my frustration at not being able to meet in person. I miss seeing my open-minded friends, old and new! Yet, among the themes of Eliot’s poem are rebirth and renewal. And, that’s what CCDP does every two years when it elects new officers and every year when we organize precincts. It’s all about renewing, rebuilding, and becoming more organized so, in turn, we can be more effective in achieving our all-important goal: Electing Democrats. Thank you, all, for what you do to support the Catawba County Democratic Party. I look forward to meeting with you on April 10! Go Blue! Lynn Lynn Dorfman, chair Catawba County Democratic Party PS - Be sure to check out our landing page on our website for the County Convention.


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