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Updated 8/27/2018

We have many local and district candidates to vote for in the 2018 midterms. All have phone banking and canvassing volunteer sessions planned. And you can donate to help their campaigns on their websites.

David Wilson Brown
U.S. House of Representatives,
10th District


David Wilson Brown’s grassroots campaign is based on the two overriding principles of vision and fairness. His vision is of a country that works for ALL citizens, not just the wealthy and well-connected.  He recognizes the intrinsic fairness of insuring ALL citizens have quality health care, a good education and living wages. The residents of District 10 know that Washington is not working for them. David’s plan for a Better Road Forward will use his vision for positive change.”

DD Adams
U.S. House of Representatives,
5th District

With almost 40 years in manufacturing and management and nine years on the city council, I know how to work well with all people for the common good. I’m about creating lasting, meaningful results.

I also have REAL WORLD experience. I’ve worked hard, been downsized, been laid off, been underpaid, lost my health insurance, been a Teamster, faced inequality—and that makes me an even better representative for families in our District. Solving our complex issues requires integrated thinking. Addressing growth requires that we also keep environmental concerns in mind. Dealing with economic inequalities and healthcare access involves education and equal access. There are no easy answers.

When elected, I will work tirelessly for you in Washington, DC, and within the 5th District.

Ric Vandett
NC Senate, 42nd District


40 years in Public Education • Vietnam Veteran
Husband, Father • Methodist Lay Leader
I will take my life experience, education, and passion to Raleigh to fight for you. And, you, means every single person – white and non-white, young and old, rich and poor, Republican and Democrat and Unaffiliated, and more – everyone in the 42nd District.

Ric Vandett on Facebook
Kim Bost
NC House, 96th District


I live right here in Catawba County. I’m a small business owner, a concerned citizen, and most importantly, a parent. My goal is that all of our children grow up in a North Carolina that provides exceptional schools that meet the needs of every student from preschool through college, offers meaningful, fulfilling, and well-paying jobs, and
delivers quality affordable healthcare for all its citizens, including those facing opioid addiction and mental health challenges.
I am not a politician. I am an ordinary person who wants to work with you to do extraordinary things for our community and state. 

Greg Cranford
NC House, District 89


Greg Cranford is a 1977 graduate of Newton-Conover High School and a 1981 graduate of UNC-Chapel Hill.  He returned home to Newton in 2016 to care for his elderly father after retiring as a social studies teacher in Orangeburg, South Carolina.  Greg is a proud progressive Democrat who will be a legislative ally of Governor Roy Cooper. My main reasons for running are to give voters a progressive choice and if elected to be a legislative ally of Governor Cooper who is trying to move our state forward.  I would like to see North Carolina regain its reputation as the most progressive southern state. Legislative action is needed for advancements in education, economics and equal rights so our state will be a beacon of hope and prosperity for all of its citizens.

Laci LeBlanc
County Commissioner


Laci LeBlanc is a marketing professional, a community organizer, and a mother of two who believes reprensentatives should listen, then lead. She thinks you deserve leaders who show up where you are and ask you what's important to you.  Laci's campaign motto isKindness Over Everything, and she wants to work with the people of Catawba County to address the issues that matter to them -- educational opportunity, small business growth, affordable housing and homelessness, and substance abuse treatment. #listenthenlead #kindnessovereverything

Michelle Morgan
County Commissioner

As I meet with folks in our county, I hear stories of triumph and sorrow.  While we have lifted ourselves out of the economic doldrums of a decade ago, I still hear the cries of families torn apart by mental health and substance abuse issues.  Even though we are using our resources to install city walks and renovate mills, I still see the streets impacted by a serious homelessness problem. We must respond to these problems or we will hold our county back from its full potential.  To conquer these problems, I will do more than meet behind tables and closed doors—I will meet with citizens face-to-face. I will concentrate on the growing opioid crisis by establishing a multi-agency approach. I will implement programs and incentives to reduce our homeless population and get those who can work back into the economic stream of sustainable development.  I will support the vibrant art scene that attracts tourist dollars and ripples out into the pockets of ordinary citizens. Every citizen of this great county deserves to be given a chance to improve as an individual, contribute to our community’s economic and artistic growth, and reap the rewards.

Geniey Yang
County Commissioner


My campaign is about empowering young people to step up and be involved this election year.  It's about empowering the community to step up and showcase its voice so that our leaders listen to our concerns.  Policies need to be made for the people and by the people. We must collectively move this county forward.

Laura Parnell
Re-election for Catawba Soil & Water Conservation Supervisor


Laura is enthusiastic about her work with the Catawba Soil and Water Conservation District in its mission to provide clean water, protect soil resources, manage environmental resources, and assure a viable agricultural community.

Elected in 2014, Laura values her service with the Catawba Soil and Water Conservation District Board District Supervisor and is the vice chair of Catawba County Soil and Water Board.  In addition to being a legislative liaison for Soil and Water, she represents Catawba County on the State Envirothon Committee and serves as a volunteer at State Envirothon events.

Laura is asking voters to return her as a Soil and Water Supervisor so she can continue working to protect the natural resources of Catawba County through her work on the Soil and Water Supervisor Board and in the field doing hands on conservation work throughout the county with District Staff.  

Laura grew up in a blue-collar family in Caldwell County and moved to Catawba County in 2009.  She is married to local artist, Sean Parnell, and is the mother of two wonderful children, Jackson and Katie Jo.  She is a Career Development Coordinator in Caldwell County Schools and attends St. Luke’s United Methodist Church.

Anita Earls
NC Supreme Court

I have been a civil rights attorney for 30 years, fighting for equal justice and fair representation.  As a mother and grandmother, I understand the challenges families face. I have sought to protect the rights of hard-working individuals and communities across North Carolina by representing people who otherwise would not have a voice.  I’ve seen what happens to victims of workplace discrimination. I’ve seen the inhumanity that has happened to people with disabilities when they have no one to speak up for their rights. And I’ve seen what happens when some voters do not have an equal opportunity to participate in elections.


I am running because I believe an independent court where the rules are the same for everyone is critically necessary to the balance of powers and absolutely necessary to maintain a democracy.  All North Carolinians should have a fair and independent court that protects everyone no matter their race, gender or how much money they have in their pockets. I am committed to equal justice under the law.

Toby Hampson
NC Court of Appeals


Toby is a partner at the Raleigh firm of Wyrick, Robbins, Yates & Ponton where he leads the firm’s Appellate Practice group. He began his career at the North Carolina Court of Appeals clerking for Judges K. Edward Greene, Wanda Bryant and Bob C. Hunter. Toby’s current practice focuses on representing individuals and businesses before the North Carolina Court of Appeals, North Carolina Supreme Court, and the Fourth Circuit Court of Appeals. He also assists in the firm’s municipal practice where he routinely advises planning boards in the North Carolina towns of Wake Forest and Zebulon. Toby is running because the right experience is vital to maintain a fair and independent judiciary.       

John Arrowood
NC Court of Appeals


My campaign platform is simple I pledge to be an independent member of the judiciary and to to administer justice equally without favoritism to any party of to the State consistent with the Constitution and laws of North Carolina, and the United States Constitution.

I believe that I bring a unique set of qualifications to this office.  Near the beginning of my career I was a research assistant, and staff attorney at the Court of Appeals. I have over 26 years of work in private practice representing individuals and businesses in complex civil, employment, administrative and regulatory matters. I have been a Superior Court Judge and as an Appellate Judge I have authored over 180 opinions, concurrences and dissents.

Allegra Collins
NC Court of Appeals

Allegra Katherine Collins is the NC Democratic Party’s endorsed candidate for the NC Court of Appeals (Seat #3).  She is Professor of Judicial Writing and Appellate Brief Writing at Campbell Law School and an appellate attorney representing clients in the NC Court of Appeals and Supreme Court.  She is the Vice Chairperson of the NC Bar Association’s Appellate Practice Section and a member of its Appellate Rules Committee. She is a former law clerk at the NC Court of Appeals and a former Assistant Appellate Reporter at the NC Supreme Court.

Allegra is also a former world-class athlete who represented the United States in two Pan American Games as a member of the Women’s Team Handball Team.  Before that, she was a world-ranked tennis player and full-scholarship athlete at UCLA. She lives in Raleigh with her husband and two children.

Scott Cranford
District Court


Mr. Cranford, a native of Roanoke Rapids, North Carolina, graduated from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill in 1990.  He served as a probation officer for three years before attending law school, graduating from Campbell University’s School of Law in 1997.  Mr. Cranford first practiced law in Halifax County, North Carolina before moving to Catawba County in 2001 to join the district attorney’s office.  In 2003, he married Melanie Stewart of Claremont, and in 2004, he joined the district attorney’s office for Alexander and Iredell Counties, where he continues to serve as a prosecutor.  

In 2006, Mr. Cranford joined the North Carolina National Guard as a member of the Judge Advocate General Corps.  He served as a JAG officer, attaining the rank of Captain, for 8 years, including two deployments to the Middle East, 2006 to 2007 and 2011 to 2012.  Mr. Cranford served primarily in the area of military justice, both as a prosecutor and as trial defense counsel. He handled cases in Kuwait, Afghanistan, and at Ft. Bragg, North Carolina.

Mr. Cranford resides in Conover with his wife, Melanie.

“I look forward to a positive campaign and the opportunity to bring my experience and ability to be trustworthy, forthright, fair and courteous to the bench.”


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