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Catawba County Democrat Makes the News

Updated: Apr 3, 2021

Shannon Auer, a Catawba County Democrat, has made the local news for her recent election as the North Carolina Democratic Party's Third Vice Chair.

Auer sits on the executive board of the North Carolina Democratic Women and was an officer with the state board of the Young Democrats.

She is also (currently) the Chair of Highland precinct, a position she will be required to give up as a NCDP state officer at their upcoming precinct organization meeting.

Shannon has served our party and our community in many different capacities, and she will certainly be an asset to the state party.


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Thanks, Wanda! Membership information is here on the Democratic Women's website.


Wanda Morrison
Wanda Morrison
Mar 29, 2023

I would like to join Democratic Women. How can I join?


Wanda Morrison

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