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From the Chairman - June

June 2019

Dear Democrats,

First, I want to thank the members of the Catawba County Democratic Party for your confidence in choosing me to be the party chair for the next two years. I hope to continue the strong leadership that our party had for the past four years under Chair Marcus Williams.

Second, I want to share with you my approach to leadership and especially to contemporary politics. A bit of background: I’m the president-elect of the Hickory Sunrise Rotary. As a Rotarian, I am familiar with and believe in the “Four Way Test,” a guide Rotarians use in their personal and professional relationships. Rotarians end all meetings with the “Four-Way Test.”

First, “Is it the truth?”

Second, “Is it fair to all concerned?”

Third, “Will it build good will and better friendships?”

Fourth, “Will it be beneficial to all concerned?”

The “Four-Way Test” is a wonderful barometer everyone should use when considering what they think, say, and do.

We are living in a time when the leadership of this country under the current President has totally ignored the first of the four tests: “Is it the truth?” Truth is a foreign concept to the Republican leadership in both the Federal and State governments. For these Republicans, truth is a necessary casualty in achieving their agenda, an agenda that would insulate their followers from the realities of life. Their agenda in short: Enable an elitist minority to have greater prosperity and security at the expense of many Americans.

Now, I can’t paint all Republicans with that brush. I know and am friends with many Catawba County Republicans; most do not support the actions and behavior of the President. They believe in the traditional Republican ideals which are not espoused by the President. Many Republicans in this county are looking for something better.

There are also many unaffiliated voters in the county who are looking for quality political leadership and guidance.

If we Democrats can demonstrate and live by the “Four Way Test,” we can show that truth and concern for our fellow citizens is an ideal all people could support.

I look forward to the days and months ahead as we strengthen our party and presence in Catawba County. Our work includes organizing every precinct, recruiting quality candidates to run for office, registering more voters, and working had to elect Democrats up and down the ballot.

The 2019 election is just as important as 2020. People who vote in city and county elections are more likely to vote in the presidential election year. And, we need to get out every vote, every election.

You will be getting information soon on our annual August Century Club Dinner, our September meet-the-candidates-and-elected-officials family fun event, and many other activities.

Get involved. Stay involved. We need you. Check out the Catawba County Democratic Party webpage at for information about events and how to get involved.

June is a month in which we celebrate graduations, new beginnings, and Father’s Day. Let’s all look for opportunities to be visible, engaged, positive, and to do things that benefit everyone.

And, right now, more than ever, that means helping elect Democrats.



Ric Vandett, Chair


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