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Catawba County Dems Elect Flavia Dietrich 1st Vice Chair & Donkey Day is Well On Its Way (Again)

At its Feb. 22, 2022, monthly meeting the Catawba County

Democratic Party elected Flavia Dietrich of Lake Norman as its new

1st Vice Chair to replace Rev. Gavin Gabriel.

Dietrich has been involved with Catawba County Democrats as

Lake Norman precinct chair and as a member of Democratic Women

of Catawba County. A medical doctor, who most recently worked in

pharmaceutical clinical research, Dietrich moved to Catawba County

in 2018.

“I’m honored to take on this role,” Dietrich said. “I look forward

to working with our team of volunteers to strengthen our presence

and effectiveness in Catawba County.”

As 1st Vice Chair, Dietrich will take the lead on organizing

precincts and providing precinct leaders with tools to perform their roles more effectively. She started things rolling with a workshop in mid-March to address which tools were most crucial for the Party to provide to precinct leadership to help them effectively perform outreach into their communities.

In addition to the important work of precinct organization and the upcoming county convention on March 27th, the Catawba County Democrats are also back at work with their fundraising. We had attempted to organize a family-friendly replacement for Century Club to happen in October, but cases, unfortunately, ramped up again. With an abundance of both hope and caution, we are proceeding in an attempt to reschedule that event.

Look forward to receiving more information about the rescheduled event (tentatively for May 1st, 4-7 pm). If you purchased tickets for the original date, your tickets will still be good. More information will be on its way to you as soon as we can confirm things!


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