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Democratic Women lead outreach efforts

“It’s important to be present in our communities year-round, not just to ask for votes in November.” That’s the advice former state representative Chaz Beasley gave us at our November 2020 election debrief.

Beasley pointed out key precincts – College Station, E. Newton, Greenmont, Kenworth, and Ridgeview – where we have the best opportunity to get more Democratic votes. He recommended the party be a frequent presence in these neighborhoods and not just show up in November asking people to vote. The Democratic Women of Catawba County have run with this idea and have already been a presence in both Hickory and Newton.

In December, the women distributed gloves, hats, mittens, and more at a Christmas parade in East Newton. Next, the women spearheaded a non-perishable food drive and collected and bagged enough items to make a meal, and then some. On Jan. 18, the MLK National Day of Service, Catawba County Democrats gave out 25 bags of food at the Hickory Soup Kitchen. On Jan. 25, Tommie Abernethy, Yvonna Hatcher, and Audrey Helms distributed 55 bags of food at The Corner Table Soup Kitchen in Newton.

Tommie Abernethy says Dem Women will continue to collect non-perishable food items. You can drop off your donations at the Hickory headquarters. The bin is outside the Trade Alley entrance and will be checked on Thursdays at 12 noon and on Saturdays after 3:30 pm. Abernethy says the next distribution is planned for March 20 and will feature items appropriate for an Easter dinner. Please donate by March 11 since sorting and assembly takes a lot of woman power.

Pictured are (left) Yvonna Hatcher and (right) Audrey Helms, DWCC 1st vice president.


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