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September Message from the Chairman

I once heard someone say that the only people who like change are babies with wet diapers. But change is inevitable, and we should always try to adapt to the changes even if we are not comfortable with them, e.g., the 2016 election!

The Catawba County Democratic Party is about to make an important major change – in location. We are moving from our office on Tate Blvd. to a new office at 216 Trade Alley in downtown Hickory. (The official address is 216-C Union Square NW.)

We will be in the lower level of the Julia Rush Building. That’s the building with the Natural Olive store. The main entrance to our new headquarters is on Trade Alley, but there is an entrance on Union Square with steps leading to the lower level.

The new office is different from our current one. The new office is longer but not as wide. It is well lit and comfortable, but the ceiling is low. Some may feel a little claustrophobic, but the lighting makes the room seem bigger. Parking will be a concern during normal business hours, but we should not have any problems evenings and weekends.

The big upside, of course, is the location. As realtors know: location, location, location. It offers us a presence on Union Square, we will always be visible during events (Oktoberfest, Concerts under the Sails, Farmers’ Market). We will be asking you to volunteer to be in the office because there will be foot traffic giving us great opportunities to interact with people.

Our final major events at the Tate Blvd. location are the All American Family Fun Cookout on September 15, from 3-5 p.m. and the Democratic Women’s meeting on September 21 at 12 noon. We will be taking some things from the current office to our new location during the next few weeks, but the primary move will take place on Monday, September 23.

There is often a period of adjustment with changes; I anticipate we will go through such a period. But I’m excited about the possibilities and am looking forward to the positive changes we Democrats will be creating together in the next year.


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