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September Message from the Chair

“I’m mad as hell, and I’m not going to take this anymore!”

People of a certain age (think Baby Boomers) likely know this line from the award-winning 1976 film Network that starred Peter Finch as network anchor Howard Beale who breaks down on national TV. And tells everyone to scream out their windows, “I’m mad as hell, and I’m not going to take this anymore.”

Well, I’m mad as hell.

· I’m mad as hell about the needless deaths of 183,602, and counting, Americans from COVID-19. And, the reckless disregard for human life and welfare by the Republican-led NC General Assembly stubbornly refusing to expand Medicaid.

· I’m mad as hell about the mischaracterizations of the long overdue racial reckoning in our country and the inability or unwillingness of so many to see what should be so clear – we’ve got work to do to achieve e pluribus unum ­– out of many, one.

· I’m mad as hell about Republicans kicking the climate change can down the road and leaving a hot mess for our children to clean up.

There’s more. Yet, while heading to that window or crawling under the covers can seem awfully appealing, it’s better to channel anger into action.

And, that’s what so many Democrats are doing. A growing number of Catawba Countians are stepping up and working hard to elect Democrats … to bring light and hope and elect leaders who lead and care.

What gave me special hope and joy was seeing our online Silent Century Club Auction come together and watching the array of talent, dedication, and participation that made the auction possible and successful. Thanks to Julie Cline’s leadership and the team: Joanie Gardner, Eli Glynn, Kim Naff, Sarah Sakatos, and photographer Paul van Breemen.

Many thanks to our Silent Century Club Auction sponsors, whose generosity is making our ambitious get-out-the-vote effort possible, as well as everyone who donated to the auction and all who bid on auction items. And, a special shout out to our Sustaining Fund donors, who give every month and literally enable us to keep the lights on at headquarters.

This edition of our monthly newsletter will talk about what we’re doing to elect Democrats.

Here are the highlights, what I think of as the three Ps of get-out-the-vote planning:

Phone calls. We’ll start phone banking in earnest after Labor Day. Our GOTV Coordinator Kim Naff is developing a set of scripts and pulling call lists. The objective is to help voters develop a voting plan and understand their options so they can vote early and safely.

Poll workers and observers. We are recruiting and putting together lists of people who can work the polls (Early Voting and Election Day) either to get our sample “blue ballots” into the hands of voters or to serve as poll observers to monitor the voting process. These are separate roles – workers are pushing our candidate information to voters and observers are doing just that – observing – and then reporting any concerns. (There will be training and guidance for both roles.)

Precinct organization. We have 40 precincts in this county. Of those, fewer than one-half are organized. The good news is that another six are close to being organized. We want to get as many of the 40 precincts organized as we can before Early Voting starts on Oct. 15. This is important work: The precinct is the essential building block of an organized county party.

So, yes, we need a blue wave of volunteers.

Want to get involved this year? The easiest way is to get in our volunteer database. If you haven’t already signed up to volunteer, go to and click “Get Involved” at the top right of the home page.

Any questions, please feel free to call. I’m most reachable on my cell -- 571-331-5119 -- or email --

Stay angry and direct that energy to turning North Carolina blue. As NC Democratic Party Chair Wayne Goodwin says, “The road to the White House, Congressional majorities and fair maps for voters runs directly through the Tar Heel State.”

Yes, it does.

Go Blue!

Lynn Dorfman



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